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The [Condensed] Soup: August 22

So today I got ready for work and took one step outside only to realize that I forgot to put shoes on.  So yeah, happy Friday.

1. Ice Bucket Challenge

We've all seen it. Probably about a hundred times if you're a millennial and ever check Facebook.
I've seen a lot of people get annoyed by it and even go as far as to say they will "defriend" anyone that does it. I totally understand getting annoyed with social media trends, but what I think these people don't realize is that this is truly making a difference.  At first I sort of snarked at all the videos.  I thought it was sort of silly until I watched this and the video above. Not only that, but the ALS Association has received over $41 million in donations from this. That is insane.  So before you turn your nose up at all the videos you see on your Facebook feed, watch those videos and realize how much good this is actually doing.

2. Little League World Series

Image Source: Brett Carlsen for The New York Times
I don't know about everyone else, but I love the Little League World Series.  I swear I get so wrapped up in these games, you'd think I had a child playing in them.  There's something so fun about taking a break from watching the huge multi-millionaire professionals and seeing a bunch of kids get their chance to compete on a national stage. 
By now I'm sure you've heard about Mo'ne Davis, the 13 year old girl who absolutely killed it this year.  She plays on the team from Philadelphia, so I had even more fun rooting for her knowing she was from my area. She has the poise of a seasoned MLB pitcher and a fast ball that can strike out even the biggest, most intimidating hitters.  I find her pretty darn inspirational for someone who is a full 10 years younger than me! Unfortunately, she and her team lost on Wednesday night in a tough 8-1 game against the team from Las Vegas. Nevertheless, she made history as only the 18th girl to play in the Little League World Series and has so much to be proud of.  #GirlPower
PS. This speech from Dave Belisle, the coach of a team from Rhode Island, is one for the ages.  It may make you cry.... totally not speaking from experience or anything. 

3. A Recipe From God

I think we're all aware that I don't cook.  Like ever.  I keep thinking that's going to change soon, and maybe it will.  But for now, I'll stick to drooling over recipes I find on Pinterest. 
This one from the blog Hun What's For Dinner? looks BANGIN'.  I love pierogis (pretty sure that's the actual spelling) because I mean what's not to like? Dough stuffed with potato and cheese is really all you need in life.  Unfortunately, my selection is limited to the frozen Mrs. T's kind that you buy at the supermarket that you boil and eat plain.  But after seeing this, I may have to step up my game. I would probably eat cardboard if it had cheese, sour cream, and avocado on it so this will definitely be one of the first things I make in my new apartment.... If I ever get around to actually using my kitchen.

4. Stackable Cuffs

Instagram: @catiescott3
So bracelets usually drive me crazy.  I rarely ever wear anything on my wrists other than a watch because after about a half hour, anything else just starts to annoy me.  But lately I've been getting really into dainty little cuff bracelets.  They're perfect to pair with a watch, and because they're usually pretty fitted and not dangly, they don't become annoying for intolerant people such as myself. I've included some of my favorites above, along with a few that I actually own and love. 

5. #BackThatAzzUp

I know, I know, it's sooo predictable, but I had to.  I genuinely hated this song at first, but the more you listen to it the more catchy it becomes.  I imagine that's how becoming addicted to crystal meth works. 


  1. "I imagine that's how becoming addicted to crystal meth works." HAHAHAHA!! Too funny #icant

  2. I WANT THOSE PEIROGIES NOW! Sorry for the shouting but they looks fabulous.



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