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Anthropologie Is Giving Things Away For Free

Ok sorry. I lied.  They're actually not.  But I couldn't really think of a catchy enough title to let you know that Anthropologie is having a sale without sounding lame.

Is it just me or do they literally never have promotions?! I absolutely love everything they sell but I usually can't justify the prices.  I'll scroll through their House & Home section forever and drool over their adorable pieces, but the prices just don't fit my budget.

Well today I got an email from them (like every other day, basically) but a little percentage sign caught my eye.  20% off sale?! No way! Yeah, it's actually not that much, especially when you compare it to J.Crew's awesome sales, but if you're in the market for anything from Anthro, now is the time to grab it.

I got this cami, this necklace, and this mug because it was cute, only $5, and I'm pretending that I need a ton of home items for my new apartment.

Obviously I controlled myself with that purchase because I was really wanting everything I saw.  Check out some of my favorite items below. And remember, it's all 20% off! (insert salsa dancing emoji here)



House & Home

Happy Shopping!

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  1. I admit, You tricked me. .. then almost got me to buy that mug.. haha



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