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The [Condensed] Soup: Feb. 28

Let's get to it peeps, it's Friday and I have huge plans with Netflix and, like, 3 beers after work.

1. The best infographic you've ever seen

Since turning into an "adult" and everything, I've really had to take desperate measures not to fall into a deep depression when Sunday nights come around every week.  Sundays are the actual worst, but things like awards shows make them slightly better.

As we all know, the Oscars are this weekend and even though the awards and movies are cool I guess, the fashion is really the best part. Cosmo UK posted this awesome infographic from this site and I cannot stop gazing at it. It's essentially an illustration of every dress worn by every best actress winner since 1929. It's fascinating to follow the evolution of fashion through the years and remember all the stunning gowns that these amazing women donned at arguably the best award show of the season. 
(It's pretty big, so if you can't get a good look at it on my site, click here to view it in full!)

2. 4-Year-Old Fashionista

Sticking with the award show theme...

source & source
The instagram account @2sisters_angie just achieved the biggest feat in life by becoming my favorite Instagram account.  We all know how much I love Insta, and it's because accounts like this one exist.  
A 4-year-old nicknamed "Mayhem" (girl after my own heart) designs dresses with her mom that are modeled after some of her favorite award show gowns.  The best part is they're made of paper and other household materials.  Basically, arts and crafts on steroids.  
I've never been so jealous of a 4-year-old.
These gowns are strikingly similar to the real things, especially considering this little girl and her mom seem to just throw them together with no sewing or design experience.
Do yourself a favor and check out her Instagram account.  You'll be occupied for hours.

3. #AndiForBachelorette

Don't worry guys, the Bachelor will stop being part of my weekly posts soon (maybe).
Did you watch this weeks episode? Or should I say season since it was a 2 parter that took 4 freakin' hours.
If you didn't, the only thing you need to know is Andi kicked ASS. We've all come to realize that JP is the most dense and uninteresting bachelor in history.  He's only good for two things: looking good without a shirt on and saying things like "Esss Ok" or "Would you asssept this rose?"
You've lost your initial appeal, Juanny P, and it's time to pick one of the blondies and go home. Andi let him have it this week by laying it all on the line and letting him know what she really thought about him.  All I have to say is: you go girl.  JP also sent Renee home, which was the biggest mistake of his life.  Looks like Ben and Camilla won't be pulling a Greg and Marcia Brady and hooking up later.  Too far? Whatever, that was the sequel so it didn't count.
I'm super pumped for next week because, instead of watching JP ignore all the girls' feelings and struggle to understand American euphemisms, we get to watch all the girls bash him.
And if you haven't noticed by the hashtag above, I'm really pulling for my girl Andi to be the next Bachelorette.  Now that's a season I'll be glued to. 

4. Design Darling

When I first started reading blogs, Mackenzie Horan was one of the first bloggers I really started following.  She has great style and in addition to her blog, she also has an online boutique called Design Darling.  Well, Design Darling is turning 2 this week and she's having an awesome sale on all her merchandise! Use the code TURNINGTWO to save 20% and check out some of my favorite DD items below.

5. "I'm Just A Bachelor..."

Like always, I'm participating in the best link-up of all time: #backthatazzup Friday
This week, I'm picking yet another throwback.  Pony by Genuwine is not only my all-time favorite throwback, but I'm convinced it was meant to be the theme song of The Bachelor.  I mean the first line is literally "I'm just a bachelor. I'm lookin' for a partner"
They really blew it on this one.  But since the creators of The Bachelor obviously read this blog, I assume that Andi will be the next bachelorette and the opening credits will feature her lip-syncing and dancing to this song and riding on the backs of all the contestants...
Wait, seriously how funny would that be?!
If you're not familiar with this gem, give it a listen and enjoy your new workout/driving/whatever jam.

Happy Friday, ponies!


  1. I'm totally on board with Andi becoming the next bachelorette!


  2. hahaha love this post! I just read something trying to prove that she was going to be the next bach- I'd be ok with that! Isn't it funny how many people were excited about JuPa (Juan Pabs) and then once he started to..I don't lost their liking for him? haha this season needs to end already...blah!

  3. Aww that a cute 4 year old!!! I love seeing those pins on Pinterest about kids who dress better than me! haha :) Thank you for sharing!

  4. Andi was my favorite from day 1! I haven't watched in weeks because I just got so fed up with JP, but, you can bet your ass I'll be tuning into to the Women Tell All special!

  5. I almost wish I watched the Bachelor so I could witness for myself what an ass clown this JP character is.

    I can't stop staring at the Oscar gown infographic. Amazeballs!!!

  6. That oscar picture thing is so cool, but that dang little girl in paper dresses is freaking insane!
    I haven't been watching the bachelor this season, I wasn't into him, I agree boring!
    Happy weekend, it's almost Sunday night try to stay strong! I agree worst day ever.

  7. Happy Friday, well Sunday actually. Great post and I love the diva and her beautiful dresses. She has some talent.

  8. Jeanpatch Holistics is now following you from Etsy blogging team. Really interesting content you have going.

  9. Great post! Coming to you from All About BlogSpot



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