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My Life Through a Filter

I love Instagram.
I mostly love it because I get to see all kinds of awesome pictures from other people like amazing vacations, adorable outfits, and cool new things that I'm always tempted to buy.

I feel like many people might not understand Instagram in the way bloggers do.  A lot of people who don't rely on it to connect with people around the country simply take photos of them and their friends, add a filter, and get 30 likes.  That's not really my kind of Instagram.  I love showcasing little details of outfits, cool sights, and ridiculous things I see throughout the day.  It sort of sucks because people who just use IG for pictures of people, rather than outfits or things, probably think those of us that use it otherwise are super conceited.
Not the case.
But whatever, don't like how some girls on Insta show off all the news clothes they buy and all the ways they style them? Don't follow us! ;)

Rant over.

I've noticed a major theme in my Instagrams lately.....

1. Food
  I love food, it's not really a secret. I seem to snap a lot of food pics, but I'm honestly OK with it.  I'm usually impressed with myself if I take the photo before diving in and eating half my meal.

1. Amazing queso fundito.  I assume that it means "f-ing delicious" in English.
2. I ended a somewhat lengthy grocery shopping trip treating myself to an entire bag of Valentine's Day York Peppermint Patties.  May or may not have finished them before V-Day...
3. All you can eat sushi at Minado. My happy place.
4. I know it sounds gross, but vanilla ice cream with chocolate covered potato chips is the answer to the dilemma "salty or sweet?"

2. Virginia
This past weekend I visited friends in Fredericksburg and now I've decided I want Virginia to be my home.  It's such a gorgeous state and I spent the whole time seeing the gorgeous sights, wine tasting, and eating at amazing restaurants downtown. I know it seems like all I did was drink, but I swear there were other activities involved.

1. Wine tasting. #adultlife
2. The gorgeous Hartwood Winery.
3. Probably the most amazing meal ever at Kybecca.
4. The best beer selection I've ever seen at Capital Ale House. Not to mention the ice strip on the bar to keep your beer cold. #genius 

3. Snow
The weather in the Northeast has been atrocious to say the least.  I had a few snow days from work that are usually exciting but were instead spent shoveling feet of snow.  If you follow me on IG, I made it obvious that I wasn't into it....

1. In the midst of one of the biggest storms of the year
2. 6:30 AM and the nice view almost fools me into thinking this weather isn't so bad... but I snapped back to reality after a cold gust of wind almost knocked me over into a 3 foot pile of snow.
3. I attempted to jog one weekend only to have it begin snowing halfway through. 
4. That is real. it was 0 degrees at one point. Too bad I can't wear fleece leggings and 5 sweatshirts to work...

4. Margaritas
Guess margs aren't just a summer thing for this girl.  I'm not quite sure how I always end up at a restaurant with a killer marg list, but I just can't seem to help myself.

1. Margs+Guac=Happiness
2. Sometimes I drag my friends along for my marg adventures
3. Guava Margarita at SouthWest NY in downtown Manhattan. 
4. Lime in the Coconut Margarita at an aptly named restaurant.

5. Attempts at Outfits
I follow an enormous amount of bloggers on IG and am constantly amazed at their outfit instas.  Who takes them for you? How do you get such a good selfie angle? Do you have unlimited funds to buy all these fun outfits?! Regardless, I try my best to keep up and, while I may fail, I think I've got some decent ones below.  Shop the pieces featured in these photos below!
1. Monochrome for a fun dinner.
2. Best attempt at being stylish yet warm for work.
3. Stripes & herringbone go surprisingly well together
4. Jeweled sweatshirts are the greatest.

Shop these outfits:


  1. I live 10 mins from North Wales...crazy! Love the white flower necklace though!!

  2. I love everything about this post. I use Instagram the same way as you - to document cool things I see, what I'm wearing, and what I've been doing. I enjoyed your rant and I agree 100%!

    Also, I live in Virginia! I love it here, and I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit!


  3. Gorg pictures! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. I love Instagram for the same reason. I enjoy seeing what other bloggers are posting for all of us to see from food to fashion.



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