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Stuff Bloggers Love That I Just Don't Get

I'm an avid blog reader.  I get endless outfit inspiration, recipe ideas (that I'll never actually try), and advice from the select blogs that I follow, and I really love it.  But there are just a few blog trends that I will never ever understand or be able to wrap my head around.  

I'm (sort of) sorry if these offend anyone but you know what.......

And how appropriate that it's Wednesday. Thanks Hannah Horvath for conveying my feelings so accurately.

Tulle skirts.

I was a ballerina for Halloween for, like, half my single-digit years so I know a tutu when I see one and these are basically tutus for adults.  Other than being part of a blog photo shoot, what purpose do these poofy, oversized skirts serve? I honestly cannot think of one occasion I would consider wearing one of these... except for Halloween. Or my 4th birthday party.

Photo shoots

I do not understand these daily photo shoots.  
Let me clarify something first: I love fashion blogs. I am constantly amazed by the girls who put together such envious outfits and can literally pull anything off if they accessorize it well. Please don't take this as me making fun of girls that post outfits because I truly love and admire them.  My lack of understanding tends to come off as snarky, when really it's just pure curiosity.  Because of this, I have a few genuine questions for fashion bloggers...
1. Who takes all your pictures? Do you have a trusty boyfriend that is willing to do that and, if so, does he have 6 foot tall brother you could set me up with?! The guys I typically associate myself with would probably never agree to do such things without a ton of bribery.
2. How do you find all of these magical locations? I live in a pretty awesome area, and even I don't think I could find enough pretty locations to make it seem like I wasn't shooting in the same place every single time.
3. Do people stare at you when you're posing for these pictures? In most outfit posts there are a decent amount of photos and, I'm assuming, several others that didn't make the cut.  Even a quick photo shoot probably takes 10 minutes, so do people just walk on by while you're doing this? I can't lie, if some chick was posing in an over-the-top outfit in a public place, trying to act nonchalant and not look at the camera, I'd probably stop and stare.  And maybe laugh.

Pattern Mixing

Who ever thought that floral, stripes, and chevron would all work in one outfit? Only fashion bloggers. I'd estimate about half the time, the pattern mixing turns out great and I have total outfit envy.  But then the other half of the time, the overwhelming mix of accessories and patterns just looks like a giant pile of mixed-up laundry or the set of "Saved By the Bell".


Like I said, I'm not trying to openly offend anyone here but WHY can't you just use names? I totally understand when mom bloggers only use the first letter of their kid's name like one of my favorite bloggers Ashley used to do with her kids.  In that case, you're protecting them and not giving out too much information.  Again, I get it.  But why why why why oh WHY do people insist on referring to their boyfriend/husband/slave as "hubs" "hubby" or "the hubster".  Why not be creative and make up a fun nickname like Arkansassy does, or maybe.... I don't know... just call him by his real name. He's an adult, not a pet, and if you're constantly tagging him on Instagram in your adorable couple-y photos, chances are everyone knows his name anyway. 
Who knows, maybe my frustration here stems from the fact that I don't have a husband to call "hubby", but I can assure you if I did, that's the last thing I would call him.  In my case, "poor sap" would probably be more appropriate.

Rock Studs

Am I the only person on this earth that finds these shoes absolutely hideous?! They seem insanely uncomfortable yet every big blogger has worn them in countless photo shoots since they came out.  I know Valentino was the originator of them and, as all trends go, there are countless imitators.  Regardless of what brand/price range they are, each and every version is absolutely cheap and tacky looking.  I'm sorry I just can't deal with these, someone explain them to me!

Got any to add to the list? I'd love to hear them!

The Hump Day Blog Hop

The [Condensed] Soup: July 18

1. The Ultimate Post-Grad Residence

Of the things that annoy the whiney and self-centered post-grad community (I'm one of them so I can say that), paying rent is definitely in the top 5.  In fact, it might be number 1.  Depending on the area in which you live, you could be coughing up about 50% of your paycheck just to live in a 400 square foot box that is filled with nothing but your millions of unnecessary clothes and assorted cheap, used, or stolen-from-your-parents-house furniture.  It's rough.
This guy decided to do something about it.  He decided to buy a bus for $3,000 (aka less than 4 months rent for some of us) and turn it into a kickass house on wheels. Seriously, you need to click on this link and check out the photos of this thing.  He thought of everything.  There's even room for guests! 
In the words of Elite Daily, this really is how you solve your #PostGradProblems!

2. They'll Never Understand Us

I stumbled upon this Thought Catalog article the other day and seriously LOLed the entire time.  It's a collection of 33 questions men want to ask women but are too afraid to ask, and I really can't even deny that most of them are pretty valid.  My personal favorite is #23: "Do you read minds? Because you so often assume that we can."  So true.  Sorry about that, guys. 
Oh, and the answer to #10? VERY

3. Animals Without Necks

So evidently I was not aware that there is an entire community on Reddit dedicated to posting photos of animals without necks.  WHY am I always the last to know?!  These are seriously some of the funniest photoshopped pictures I have ever laid my eyes on.  Check out a compilation of the best ones here.  I mean, the baby hippo?! I'm DYING.  Best useless trend ever. 

4. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Based on the amount of blogs posting absolutely nothing but their "faves" from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this whole week, you don't really need to know what mine are.  But I'm gonna do it anyway because there are a ton of pretty sick deals and because I've run out of things to post.  #sorry
As far as what to look out for,  the watches are probably the best deals you're ever gonna get next to buying a used broken one on Ebay.  Seriously, some are a full $100 off.  I'd also recommend checking out the North Face selection.  They have pretty amazing deals as well and you'll be thanking yourself when all those bad boys cost twice as much come winter!
Not worth browsing? shoes.  Other than a few deals I included above, I really didn't spot any major steals.

5. #BackThatAzzUp

This week I'm featuring a song that might not be a "jam" that you hear at the "club" (who do I think I am?), but it sure is funny as hell. 
Weird Al has done it again and turned a groovy song into something equal parts hilarious and informative.  I haven't been a huge fan of anything he's done since the iconic "Amish Paradise", but this right here is pure gold. 

What are you loving this week? Let me know! 

11 Ways To Know You're Insta-Famous

There's famous... and then there's Insta-Famous.  One involves being very talented in some capacity (or having a sex tape) and the other is based solely on the photos you post on a social media app.

1.  The first and most obvious way to know your insta-famous is the obscene amount of likes you get on even the most basic instas.  Oh, you have over 10k likes just on a picture you took of a Gatorade bottle an hour ago? Insta-famous. 

2. Your followers ask you where you got every single thing you're wearing in your photo.  Even if it's just a white tshirt and jeans.

3. Your followers know your boyfriend/husband/best friend/dog by their full name/nickname without ever having met them in person.

4. You have a few followers that immediately like all your photos within 3 minutes of you posting them, regardless of what is actually pictured in the photo.  Do these people ever get off Instagram? Probably not.

5. Followers tag their friends on your photos and say things like "I need her dress" or, if it's a photo of you and your equally as beautiful and well-dressed friends, they say "omg this is so us".

6. If you take a photo with or tag someone who is less insta-famous than you, their follower count immediately increases within an hour of you posting.  Even if they don't ever instagram anything interesting.

7. Rando men comment on your photos saying nonsensical things like "very much beauty" or "gorgeous girl care to speak?".  They typically are not from this country and get ignored by the insta-celebs.  Personally, if it were me, I'd follow them back for some confidence boosters every now and then. 

8. People comment asking you to "please follow back!!!!!!!"  These people are usually 13 year old girls.

9. Fights ensue between followers in your comments.  Typically these fights end up having absolutely nothing to do with the photo they're located underneath and involve followers like the ones mentioned in #3, #4, & #7.

10. If you ever post anything controversial, you immediately lose several followers and then gain twice as many as you lost due to the popularity of the controversy.

11. If you're really insta-famous, your most over-zealous followers (see #3) will turn being the "first  comment!!" on your photo into a giant competition.  However, this is usually reserved for actual, real-life celebrities.  And the girls from Dance Moms.

Do any of those things happen to you? Congrats, you're probably insta-famous.  Now go ponder about how little this matters and start editing your next photo.... your thousands of followers are waiting.

Road Trip Playlist

Road trips are my fave.   I don't know why, but I have always loved being in the car.  I never dreaded my 5 hour drive to and from where I attended college and I always looked forward to traveling around the Northeast for holidays.  For me, driving is relaxing.

If I'm not the one driving, I'll nap, watch a movie, or read a book but whatever I'm doing it always involves music.  A great playlist can make a road trip that much better, and no matter how long the drive I always have a ton of great songs lined up.  Below are just a few of my favorite road trip songs.... I may or may not have to make a few more of these!

What are some of your favorite road trip songs?

P.S. Speaking of road tripping, Rue La La is having a Road Trip Across America series and first up is Nantucket! They've compiled some of the best pieces that embody the style of Nantucket and, believe me when I say this, I need every single one in my closet right now.  The further I scrolled down, the more I wanted everything.  Here are some of my favorites (although I might as well just include the entire sale)

If you're not a member of Rue La La yet and want an invite, click here to sign up!

The [Condensed] Soup: July 11

The week right after a long holiday weekend full of fun activities (or sleeping in if you're me and crave sleep like some people crave, I don't know, oxygen) is never easy, but we did it. It's Friday. Hallelujah.

1. Best Date Ever

I saw this video advertised on Buzzfeed a few weeks ago (and you probably did too, so this isn't new), and I thought to myself "Cool, some girl gets to go on a really awesome date with this really attractive guy. Excuse me while I go eat an entire pint of ice cream and wish this was me."
But I watched it anyway because there's something wrong with me, and I'm so glad I did.  This video is so. cute.  For anyone that hasn't seen it, I won't ruin it because it's really fun to watch it unfold.  Just trust me when I say it's not your typical date.

2. Booze Pops

You see that photo, right? Need I say more? This Buzzfeed article compiles 23 of the greatest alcohol-bases ice pops and now I'm dying to try all of them.  I'm about to go buy popsicle molds (where the f do they sell those?) and make all these amazing creations.  Especially the Kiwi Moscato. yum.
 Because isn't it everyone's dream to get drunk off ice cream?

3. Remember That Time You Lost?

So I clearly do not have too much interest in the World Cup, but what I do have interest in is watching Sports Center.  Because this whole soccer thing is really all that's going on in the sports world right now, SC basically cannot go more than 5 minutes without bringing it up.  
I'm alright with hearing about the progress and which countries won/lost. But after that horrendous smackdown that occurred between Germany and Brazil, I couldn't get enough of all the crying Brazilians they were showing on what seemed like a constant loop on ESPN. The girl in the gif above was my personal favorite.  If someone were to watch that without any sort of context, they'd probably think that her entire family was being murdered right in front of her and she couldn't do anything about it.
Nope, her soccer team just lost.

4. Palazzo Pants

I might regret rocking these bad boys in a year or two, but for right now I. love. palazzo pants.
I haven't quite figured out where or when to wear these things or if  I'm even ok with wearing in public, but for now I'm just obsessed with them. They're so comfy and soft, they completely blow my typical too-short-because-I'm-4-inches-taller-than-the-average-girl yoga pants out of the water.  
I bought two pairs from Target recently and have lived in them ever since. For some reason donning them with flip flops and a plan black tank top makes me feel a hell of a lot more put-together and fancy than any other lounge wear. 
I've compiled a few of my recent faves below.  Some of them are a little more on the expensive side, so I suggest going to Target and scoping out the selection there. (I got mine for under $20!)

5. #BackThatAzzUp

This week, I'm going country and choosing a song that I canNOT stop jamming to in the car.  I've never even heard of Eric Paslay before this song, but now all I want to do is be his Friday night. 

Happy Friday... now go get drunk off popsicles!


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