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LBD: The Remix

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, all of the holiday party planning is in full swing.  I have all kinds of random gatherings coming up, mostly for work, and the thought of planning an outfit for each one is exhausting.  For someone who loves shopping as much as I do, planning outfits is weirdly difficult for me.  My not-so-secret weapon for those times that my full closet seems to offer me "nothing to wear" is a little black dress.

Obviously we all know that little black dresses are flattering, easy to accessorize, and a good choice regardless of the dress code.  But just a plain black shift can make you look and feel pretty ordinary.  That's why in this post I'm remixing the regular old little black dress and offering some of my favorite fun alternatives.

Which remixed LBD is your favorite?!

Manic Mondays with itsemmaelise


Shoes are literally the last thing I need to buy right now, yet when the Rue LaLa notification popped up on my phone and the sale was entitled "Shoephoria," I had to click.  Wouldn't you do the same?

Rue LaLa has really stepped up their game lately as far as themed sales, and this one is no exception.  There are a million and a half styles of shoes in this amazing sale and the prices are awesome considering it's the beginning of the season.

I've compiled my favorite picks below in each category.  Check them out! And hey, it's Monday..... so treat yo' self.


I try to limit myself to having 3 pairs of boots: a brown pair, a black pair, and rain boots.  I have yet to actually succeed in abiding by that.


I'm the queen of justifying a purchase by saying "well, it's for work".  This excuse is most frequently used in the heel department.  I've bought more heels in the past year than I have my entire life... but that's primarily because I'm 5'11" and hated wearing them up until recently. Now I can't get enough.  Someone stop me.


Flats are another thing I frequently justify buying "for work."  I wear them much more frequently than heels which has resulted in me having way more pairs than I should.  Is it over-the-top to say I want every pair below? 


You can never have too many comfy shoes, right? Right?!


The second I commit to buying a pair of running shoes, I immediately see someone wearing a pair at the gym the next day that I'm convinced I need to have.  This sale is that situation multiplied by a million.

Sizes are limited, so get shopping!

Steals & Deals

Oh, remember me?

Sometimes I forget about my little corner of the Internet.  I got so wrapped up in moving/working the past few months that, if you haven't noticed, I've been MIA. But I'm back... at least for the time being.

Today I'm talking steals & deals.  Online shopping is truly a specialty of mine and, since I do it in my spare time to relax, I consider myself pretty well-versed on where to find the best deals.  A couple of random things have caught my eye recently and with the weather getting a little cooler I thought I'd share some fun fall pieces! 

Little Black Dress

This dress from Chicnova is only $30 and with the fun sleeve detail, it's the perfect fun alternative to a plan little black dress (be on the lookout for a fun LBD post soon!)

Leather Skirt

Ok so I've always been pretty on the fence with leather.  My style isn't exactly motorcycle-chic and I didn't want to come off that way.  But this skirt from Old Navy looks so cute and the possibilities are truly endless. And for only $20, you're not going to find a better price anywhere else.  

Neutral Statement Necklace

Obviously I'm not going to go and recommend you buy an engagement ring at Forever 21, but as far as fun jewelry to dress up a cocktail dress (like the one above!) or baubles to dress up your every day work outfits, this is definitely the place to look.  Hidden among hundreds (literally) of other necklaces, I found this one and it stood out to me right away.  It is the perfect addition to any outfit and it's so neutral that I can't imagine something it wouldn't match with. And for less than $10, how can you not get it?!

Quilted Outerwear

If you love the styles of the quilted J.Crew vests and jackets but don't necessarily have it in your budget to splurge on them, Old Navy can help you out.  I'm in no way saying that the quality of these vests and jackets are comparable to J.Crew, but personally I have a vest that I bought 2 years ago and it still looks brand new.  It's all about preference.  I think ON does a great job at offering more affordable pieces, and some of my favorites this year are definitely the quilted vests and the quilted jackets.  Both come in a bunch of awesome colors, and the price points (under $50 for the jacket and only $20 for the vest!) are unbeatable. 

Aztec Cardigan

A trend I haven't quite gotten into but seems to be back this season is the aztec cardigan.  It's a little trendy for my taste, but I love both the pattern and the style of the sweater.   The one featured above is only $35 and based on how cold this winter is predicted to be, your cost per wear will most likely be down to pennies.  

Tortoise Bracelet

This tortoise bracelet from Lands End is the perfect alternative to its' more expensive cousin from Michael Kors.  While both bracelets are beautiful and perfect to pair with a gold watch, the Lands End version is just as cute but a fifth of the price!

Shop all the picks from this post here: 

Have you found any good steals this week? Comment with the links below!

The Best Everyday Bag from Ame & Lulu

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence Central for Ame & Lulu. I received product samples to facilitate my review.

Bags can be tricky.  When you're searching for the perfect bag, there are so many things to consider.  You need to be able to fit all of your everyday items (and be able to find those items in your bag when you need them), it has to be durable, and, most importantly, it has to be stylish.

I have had a million and a half bags over the past few years.  I've gone through totes, cross-bodies, and an extremely extensive Vera Bradley collection in high school but since I've started working full-time, nothing has proven durable enough....

Enter: Ame & Lulu

Their tagline "Accessories for an Active Lifestyle" could not be more accurate.  This collection of bags and accessories is perfect for the girl on the go.  Whether her destination be the gym, work, or a soccer game for her kids (that last one clearly does not apply to me!), these bags do the trick.

I was sent the Easy Tote in the Astor style and, to be honest, choosing between the different patterns was next to impossible.  They are all so perfectly preppy and classic, and any one of the fun patterns would go with so many outfits.  

Check out my (totally amateur) photos below of how I styled the Ame & Lulu Easy Tote!

Trench: Michael Kors (on sale!)
Dress: Old Navy
Flats: Tory Burch 
Bag: c/o Ame & Lulu
Watch: Michael Kors

Like that? Good, because those little photoshoots are rare ;) 

So if you can't tell, the bag is insanely spacious, but I thought I'd give you an idea by stocking it with the million items I carry with me on a daily basis.

That right there is a clunky (and super old) MacBook, large Lilly Pulitzer planner, iPad mini, a reusable water bottle,  my keys, and an extra pair of flip flops (so incredibly necessary after wearing heels all day).  All of that fits in there comfortably with room to spare.  A hoarders dream.

So in addition to the Easy Tote, some fun little accessories came along with it as well.  I received an Essentials Insert and a Key Pouch, both in matching patterns, and the entire set is beyond adorable.

I recently traveled to Harrisburg for work and the bag plus the accessories were perfect for organizing everything I needed for the trip.  All I had to do was throw some clothes and shoes into the bag, any makeup I needed into the Essentials Insert, and keep my debit card and hotel room key in the key pouch - I was set!

Another advantage for me in particular is how spacious the key pouch is inside.  I have this awful key card that I need to get into my apartment building and I hate it.  Keeping it on my keys makes me look like a janitor and because it's thicker than your average credit card, it's impossible to fit it in my wallet.  This was a major issue for a few weeks, but now I just slip it into the key pouch and I don't have to worry about it!

 I really can't recommend these Ame & Lulu products enough.  Although I've only had them for a few weeks now, I know durability when I see it and I have to say I'm impressed.  As an everyday work bag or travel bag, it has absolutely everything you'd need and more.  

Naturally, once I realized how great the bag was, I scoured the website to see what other products they offer. Some of my other favorites from the site include:

So basically, no matter what you're involved in or doing in your life, Ame & Lulu have something for you.   And good news - they're offering a 25% discount on their entire site now using the code "love25", so get to shopping!

Shop the rest of my look below (especially the Michael Kors trench - it's currently over 50% off!)

Check out the Ame & Lulu site and let me know what your favorite pattern is!

Inspired by Olivia Pope

It's no secret I'm a big fan of Rue La La.  I've posted about them on here multiple times, and I can't stress enough what a great website it is when you're looking for a bargain on your favorite luxury items. 

(p.s. if you're not a member yet, sign up here!)

Lately I've been really intrigued by all the "themed" boutiques Rue has been featuring.  Usually I just shop the sales that are exclusive to my favorite brands, but checking out these other features has caused me to really branch out and find some new favorite brands!  I have the Rue app on my phone (duh) and so today I got a notification about an Olivia Pope themed sale.  


I don't know if any of you out there are Scandal fans (cannot wait for the Season 4 premiere tonight!), but I have personally made it my life goal to dress like, act like, and pretty much be Olivia Pope.  Except for the whole sleeping with the president thing because, you know, no commander in chief has ever looked like Fitzgerald Grant.  

The costume designers on that show are absolute geniuses and Olivia's wardrobe is probably the most enviable of any character on TV.  Her classic, polished, and put-together wardrobe is impeccable and a great example of how women in a professional work place should dress.  

I have to say my personal favorite of the sale is this coat.  Not only is it totally something Olivia would wear on one of her casual trips to the White House, but it's under $60, which is pretty affordable for a nice, quality coat.  In fact, that very coat is currently in my shopping cart.... 

Another favorite is this dress.  It is absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately I don't get invited to too many White House balls, so do I need it? Probably not. Do I want it? Oh, for sure. 

Check out some of my other favorites below:

Happy shopping & always remember: What would Olivia Pope do?


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